Are you currently thinking about learning Japanese?

I bet you have a lot of questions!

Maybe you are wondering;

Is it hard?

Will I be able to do it quickly?

Does it cost a lot ?

Can I do it for free?

What resources should I use?

Do I need to take exams?

Let me give my take on all of the following, and hopefully save you some time on your journey!

Welcome to the start of learning another language!

Learning Japanese in my experience has been completely amazing. …

10,000 USD spent on Japanese Learning

First, let me breakdown how I spent the money and what I received in return;

  1. Number of class hours
  2. Number of classes
  3. Type of class
  4. Class costs
  5. Other learning materials
  6. My current level
  7. My suggestions for anyone else learning

Number of Hours Spent Learning

In this article, I plan to go through what I have learned to help me improve over time. It will include free resources, paid resources (I am not paid to mention them) but I use them, and also little mentions for learning in general.

The guide will follow this layout;

What I did

What I Now Recommend

I also want to mention, I have never lived in Japan, so this guide is mainly for learners living abroad. …

EJPOD Japanese and English Learning Podcast

Learning Japanese is really hard, but, it’s also very rewarding. Come join us to learn and talk all about Japanese at EJPOD.

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