I Spent 10,000 USD on Online Japanese Classes: What Did I Learn and Was It Worth It?

10,000 USD spent on Japanese Learning

Class types

1 on 1 class (Japanese Native Teacher) vs Learning yourself

“Why can I not copy and paste this!”

This is why using a teacher is great;

Teachers can help with confidence

Teachers can help you see progress (Working alone we tend to not see just how far we have come)

Teachers can make you stick to studying. I mean, if you pay for a class, you’re more likely to do it right? (Don’t think of gym memberships going unused…)

If you can guarantee time spent studying, I think it is worth paying for.

Direction for Class and Goals

Set the pace yourself

Reading Classes Average (40–50 Minutes) Cost
Speaking Classes (40–50 Minutes) Cost
JLPT Classes (40–60 minutes) Cost

Exam classes are a lot more expensive, but, they are a great place to see growth!

Always talk with your teachers about purchasing bulk classes and if they would consider lowering the cost. The worst reply is no.

JLPT, Vocabulary and Grammar Textbook Costs

Carrying around books in this age is hard, especially if you live in crowded cities or small apartments. It’s best to use tech devices and the internet to get all you need, usually, for free !

All you need are the skills!

Don’t worry about anyone else !

What next for me?

Not by a long shot!

Learning Japanese is really hard, but, it’s also very rewarding. Come join us to learn and talk all about Japanese at EJPOD.

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