The Ultimate Studying Japanese Guide: My 7 Year and Ongoing Learning Experience

What I did

What I Now Recommend

Japanese Learning Year 1

Watching anime

Learning Hiragana and Katakana

Paid Japanese class (1 hour per week)

But, just remember, It should never be your main learning method!

Spend time writing and speaking these yourself, you don't need a class

It was only for one hour, but even then, I missed week after week and class after class…..

Consistency really is king!

Year 2

Traveling to Japan

Language Exchange


You will make mistakes

You will feel stupid sometimes

People won’t always understand you

Manga is fun, but the real study is only possible when you reach N3 level

Screen capture of NHK News

Consistency really is key !

EJPOD Youtube Channel

Learning Japanese is really hard, but, it’s also very rewarding. Come join us to learn and talk all about Japanese at EJPOD.

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